Korean Hanbok Traditional Dress winecover pink top and blue grey bottom
closeup of top of Korean Hanbok Winecover
closeup of bottom hanbok winecover
Winecover - Korean Traditional Hanbok Dress PINK GREY
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Winecover - Korean Traditional Hanbok Dress PINK GREY

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Cute and beautiful Korean traditional Dress Winecover! It's also just good to have it as a display in your home.  This Korean Hanbok dress is in the most classic red and blue combination. Exquisitely made with gold print details on top and with beautiful embroidery. See close-up image. The gold print reminds me of the Hanbok I used to wear as a kid. ❤️

  • For Decoration Only, Not Washable
  • fits most 750ml wine bottle
  • Includes 1 Woman Pink and Blue Grey Hanbok
  • Size - Approx Width 10 inches, Length 11~12 inches
Pair it with Man's BLUE DRESS (see last pic) to make a couple.