Korean Radish (Mu 무) Seeds - 85 seeds
Korean Radish (Mu 무) Seeds - 85 seeds
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Korean Radish (Mu 무) Seeds - 85 seeds

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Korean Radish (Mu ) is crunchy, juicy, a little bit peppery spicy (which usually goes away with cooking or pickling kimchi) and slightly sweet. It also pickles well so it is the best-suited radish for Kimchi. 

  1. Light – full sun 
  2. Ideal Temps - grown in the cooler months 
  3. Planting/Growing - Plant in late summer to early fall in fertile and well-drained soil. In a sunny location. In Korea, it's planted in late August and harvested in November for Kimjang. 
  4. Depth and Spacing – 1or 2 seeds in every 8- 10 inches 
  5. Water – water deeply to keep soil moist
  6. Harvest – Harvest in 65 – 80 days by pulling out the whole radish plant. The radish is just mostly used in cooking but the green tops can sometimes put in water or dongchimi kimchi. Radishes can be cut and dried to make Mumallaengi 무말랭이 and green tops are can also be dried to make Shiraegi Namul 시레기나물.
  7. RecipesHow to dry Radish, Beef and Radish soup, Radish Salad, Kkakdugi, Seokbakji, Radish Soybean Paste Soup (무된장국)