Korean Premium Sesame Oil (Jin Chamgireum)- 375ml
Korean Premium Sesame Oil (Jin Chamgireum)- 375ml
Korean Premium Sesame Oil (Jin Chamgireum)- 375ml
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Korean Premium Sesame Oil (Jin Chamgireum)- 375ml

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Korean Premium 100% Sesame Oil (Jin Chamgireum 진 참기름)

Jin 진 means 'genuine, real' and is also the first Chinese character of my name. This 'real' sesame oil is my absolute favorite Korean sesame oil that's locally made, freshly pressed in California, USA. Special care is made to use the best quality sesame seeds, then roasted in-house using the perfect temperature to avoid burnt or bitter tastes.

In my Ultimate Guide to Korean Sesame Oil, I have personally tested 7 different sesame oils and this was one of my top favorites. See the picture where I have 4 different sesame oils - see the difference in color! The colors also indicate the intensity of flavors in most cases.

I have always wanted to share these with my followers as they are only available in local California markets and through personal friends. I'm so happy to bring this to you here!

Use this not as your everyday cooking oil but more as a fine finishing or dipping oil and it will go a long way. You can see the 5 star rating on Jin Sesame Oil on Amazon! Just like you want to use a higher quality EVOO for drizzling. I have been trying to get this oil for months since last year and I finally got it!

  • Ingredients - 100% pure sesame oil (roasted and pressed)
  • Size - 375 ml
  • Made in USA
  • How to store - sesame oil has a very long shelf life and doesn't turn rancid easily like other oils. It will often last past expiration date and doesn't need to be refrigerated but you can refrigerate for even longer storage.
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