Korean perilla seeds packet
Korean Perilla Seeds (Kkaennip)
Korean Perilla Seeds (Kkaennip)
Korean Perilla Seeds (Kkaennip)
Korean Perilla Seeds (Kkaennip)
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Korean Perilla Seeds (Kkaennip)

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Korean Perilla (kkaennip 깻잎) Leaves (Perilla frutescens v. frutescens) seeds for planting. Also called Deul kkaenip 들깨잎. 

Perilla leaves are wonderful Korean herbs that are part of the mint family Lamiaceae. Koreans love to eat these for ssam (wrap) and they add great minty and basil-like flavor to many dishes. You can also make pickles (kkaennip jangahjji) and use as garnish. Excellent as microgreens on salads or bibimbap.

The ground perilla seeds (deulkkae karu 들깨가루) powder and perilla seed oil (deulgireum 들기름) are unique Korean seasonings that give many Korean dishes their special flavor that no other seasoning can substitute.

Plants grow fast and are ready to harvest in 2-3 months. 

  • Annual 
  • Ideal Temps - for germination at least 70 ℉, heat tolerant
  • Light - Full Sun, Part Shade (in warmer zones)
  • Planting Time - Spring with no fear of frost. Doesn't transplant well.
  • Growing - does well in both pots and in garden beds.
  • Seeds are good for 2 years - until July 2024

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