Korean Mustard (Jeok Gat 적갓) Seeds
Korean Mustard (Jeok Gat 적갓) Seeds
Korean Mustard (Jeok Gat 적갓) Seeds
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Korean Mustard (Jeok Gat 적갓) Seeds

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Korean Mustard greens (Jeok Gat 적갓) seeds to grow your own Korean mustard greens with red/deep purple leaves. Also called Brown Mustard or Korean red mustard. Scientific Name - Brassica juncea.

The thick leaves are tender and spicy which adds a great zing to Kimchi. Harvest early as microgreens or at full maturity. 

How to grow and harvest Korean Red Mustard Greens (Jeok Gat) -

  • Cool season annual
  • Light - Full Sun or part shade
  • Sow in early spring (3 weeks before the last frost) or in late summer as days begin to get cooler.
  • Planting/Growing - Enjoy the thinned-out mustard greens in salads. 
  • Prefers moist soil
  • Matures in 40-60 days. B
  • They can also be planted in containers.

RECIPES - How to make Kimjang Kimchi + Recipe. You can also add Gat to Dongchimi Kimchi or make Gat Kimchi by itself!