Korean Hanbok Plate (Small) - Saekdong Girl
Korean plates with Hanbok Designs
Korean Hanbok Plate (Small) - Saekdong Girl
Korean Hanbok Plate (Small) - Saekdong Girl
Korean Hanbok Plate (Small) - Saekdong Girl
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Korean Hanbok Plate (Small) - Saekdong Girl

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This handmade Korean banchan dish (Jeopsi 접시) is more than just a dish, it's actually an art piece that you can use every day or display in your home. In my search for Korean-themed dishes, this one just popped out at me.. and no wonder, this dish has actually won awards in Korea!!

As these are all handmade, made to order, I placed a custom order months ago and therefore I have limited stock. These plates come in small, large and medium sizes. But currently, only small and medium are available. The large is around 8"x 9" size. Let me know if you are interested - I can consider ordering them also.

What does Saekdong 색동 mean? It means multi-colored or rainbow colored. And it was typically a design that was in children's or wedding hanbok. And it's the sleeve design that you often see in Korean traditional children hanbok. I love the interpretation of the hanbok onto the plate in the most beautiful blue hue. 

Both have similar sizes.

  • Small Saekdong plate is L 4.25" x  W 4"

Hand wash is recommended. 

SHIPPING: Flat $10 for 49 contiguous United States, Flat $13 for non-contiguous US including states such as Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, US Virgin Islands. Due to the weight and packing needs of these plates, we are unable to offer our 'FREE SHIPPING over $100' offer for these.

USE - these small size plates are best for small banchans like pickles, myeolchi bokkeum, jeotgal, ssamjang. Medium size will be great for any banchan like namul, fish etc. Or of course, it could just totally be a display. Some pictures show both small and medium size for comparison.

About the ARTISTS - Designed by 2 Korean ceramic artists Oh Joo Yeon and Choi Hee Jin. They both have won numerous awards for their Doyae 도예 (Korean word for Ceramic/Pottery) Poom 품 (pieces) and this particular Hanbok Jeopsi 한복접시 has won the Outstanding Craft award 우수공예품 from the Korean Craft & Design Foundation in 2014. This is a Korean government organization founded to promote Korean culture and art.