Korean Green Chili Pepper Seeds - HOT - 30 seeds
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Korean Green Chili Pepper Seeds - HOT - 30 seeds

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Korean Green Chili (Capscium Annuum) peppers that are HOT. This chili is spicier than regular Put Gochu that is around 1500 SHU but would be less spicy than Cheongyang Gochu (4000-7000 SHU, up to 12000). 

This spicy red chili is great fresh and eaten with ssamjang if you can handle the spice and will also be great for Kimchi. Just let it turn red and use fresh or dry it and make Gochukaru (chili powder) with it.

Plants grow fast and are ready to harvest in 3 months. 

  • Annual
  • Light - Full Sun
  • Planting Time - Spring with no fear of frost. Can be started earlier indoors and transplanted out into your garden when soil temps above 60 ℉
  • Growing - heat tolerant
  • 1 packet contains 30 seeds

Recipes - use when RED - Putbaechu Kimchi, use when GREEN - Jangahjji (pickles) Bulgogi Rice Bowl, Sashimi BowlDoenjang Jjigae

More info at 9 Korean Vegetables to Grow post on how to grow, plant and harvest.