Korean Garden Hoe (Ho-mi) - Wide
Korean Garden Hoe (Ho-mi) - Wide
Korean Garden Hoe (Ho-mi) - Wide
Korean Garden Hoe (Ho-mi) - Wide
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Korean Garden Hoe (Ho-mi) - Wide

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Korean Garden Hoe (Ho-mi) is the best garden tool for planting, weeding and trenching. 


Korean farmers have been using this garden Homi (hoe) for generations and it's the first tool that I wanted to get when I started farming in the US. I also heard from a friend who has a big farm in the US and the farm workers all ask for this tool!

  • Includes ONE Wide Homi
  • HAND-FORGED by Korean blacksmiths, the curved steel makes the whole job of gardening so much easier!!
  • Light weight (7.5 oz) than common garden hand hoe (mine is 1.7lb!!)
  • LESS STRESS on WRISTS: The lighter weight and curved shape puts much less stress on your hands.
  • PERFECT GARDEN TOOL:  it's great for planting, cultivating, trenching and weeding. Use the pointed end to dig hard ground, use the sharp edge to cut roots and weeds.
  • SIZE OF BLADE - Width 3.75" Length 6"
  • Size of overall tool - Length from handle to end of hoe is 11"

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