Korean Baby Squash (Aehobak) Seeds
Korean Baby Squash (Aehobak) Seeds
Korean Baby Squash (Aehobak) Seeds
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Korean Baby Squash (Aehobak) Seeds

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Korean Aehobak 애호박 (Cucurbita Duschesne) means 'baby squash' in Korean. It is the most commonly used hobak in Korea right now due to the fact that it stays fresh longer and stays firm. It is longer shaped around 6-8 inches long and has very soft but dense skin.

It is used in many Korean dishes like Hobak Jeon, Hobak Buchimgae, Vegetarian dumplings and can be dried to make Hobak Namul.

Should be ready to harvest in about 2-3 months. 

  • Annual
  • Light - Full Sun
  • Planting Time - Spring with no fear of frost. Can also start earlier indoors and transplant.
  • Growing -   You can let it sprawl on the ground or train to climb a trellis for better air circulation. 
  • Seeds are good for 2 years - until July 2024 

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