Dasik Mold (Dasik Pan)
Dasik Mold (Dasik Pan)
Dasik Mold (Dasik Pan)
Dasik Mold (Dasik Pan)
Dasik Mold (Dasik Pan)
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Dasik Mold (Dasik Pan)

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BACK IN STOCK at REDUCED PRICE!! - Because I was able to find a better deal! LIMITED QUANTITY.

Dasik 다식 are Korean tea cookies and these are traditional molds that are used to make them. Each design symbolizes different blessings - health, wealth, fertility, happiness and more.

These Dasik molds are all custom-made and carved by Korean artisans. They are not able to mass-produce these and I am not sure how much longer they will continue to make these. I have a limited number of these molds in my shop so don't miss the opportunity to own this exquisite piece of Korean culture!
The size of Dasik Mold is
L x W x H = 10”x 1.75” x 1.25” or 25 cm x 4.5 cm x 3 cm

It has 5 designs on top and 5 designs on the bottom for a total of 10 different traditional designs that were thought to bring good health and prosperity.

PLEASE NOTE, the 5 designs on the bottom don't pop out on their own. You need to line them with a plastic wrap first and then put in the dough and pop it out by pulling up the plastic wrap. Watch my video on how I do it.

Carved from wood. Don’t have details of the wood yet but it is from 2 pieces of solid wood, not glued together or anything like that. It has a wonderfully smooth finish with rounded corners.

Watch VIDEO for more info. 
Watch my Youtube Video on HOW TO MAKE DASIK 
I show how to use and care for the mold too!

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