Curled Mallow (Chima Auk 치마아욱) Seeds - 5g
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Curled Mallow (Chima Auk 치마아욱) Seeds - 5g

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Curled Mallow, Chinese mallow or cluster mallow (A Uk 아욱) Malva verticillata L. is a green leafy vegetable that Koreans love to make soup and namul with. The plant is easy to grow, reseeds easily and is slug resistant.

In Korea, there are 3 kinds of A Uk and this one is called 치마 아욱 Chima A Uk which has big leaves and has purple stems.

The plant grows up to 35inch tall. Start seedlings in trays or sow directly and thin plants to about 10 inch apart. It will also grow well in pots. 

In Korea, it's sown in spring or fall and harvested from about 6 weeks after. But if you let it grow from spring, It flowers from July to September and sets seed from August to October.

  • Soil - prefers moist soil so keep it watered well
  • Ideal Temps - it's pretty hardy and can even last through hot summers but best to grow it until early summer or late fall.
  • Planting/Growing - cover seeds just slightly with soil (only about 2-3 mm layer) and water well. 
  • Harvest - start harvesting leaves from about 5 weeks
  • Prefers moist soil so water frequently without leaving it too wet.

Make Doenjang Guk (soybean paste soup), Namul or blanch it and make Ssam with it.