Aster Scaber (Chwinamul 취나물) Seeds
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Aster Scaber (Chwinamul 취나물) Seeds

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Korean Chwinamul (Aster Scaber) have traditionally been harvested from the mountains of Korea but you can now grow them in your backyard.

Chwinamul also called Chamchwi 참취 are -

  • Perennial, re-seeds easily.
  • Light - Full Sun or light shade in summer. 
  • Ideal Temps - will grow dormant in cold winters and will start to grow again in warmer spring temps.
  • Planting/Growing - mix soil: seeds in 3:1 ratio and sprinkle the mix onto the soil in early spring or early fall. 
  • Prefers moist soil
  • Harvest when leaves are around 10cm long. Will flower in Aug-Oct. unless stems are cut early in the summer. 

Make Chwinamul (just blanch and make similar to Ssukat Namul but add some garlic) or use as ssam. You can also make dried namul and rehydrate and make namul.